Customer Service Training
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Welcome to Cx Consulting

Cx Consulting offers customized call centre consulting services and training based on the specific challenges our clients face. We deliver sustainable programs that will positively impact loyalty, team performance and corporate revenue.

Our full line of services includes call centre consulting, contact centre design, performance optimization, outsourcing analysis, process mapping, call centre leadership training and other consultation services.

What are your customer service challenges?

  • Are you under pressure to reduce costs and still improve the customer experience?
  • Are you struggling to improve your sales ratios while maintaining service excellence?
  • Could your team deliver stronger results through a better coaching program?
  • Is your leadership team young, keen and green, lacking formal leadership training?
  • Are your delivery processes unfriendly to customers, inefficient or error-prone?
  • Have you analyzed Voice of the Customer data and converted it into action?

Build a compelling Call Centre ROI

Call Centre - Building ROICx Consulting has expertise to help you mobilize for action with a compelling business case.  Gain executive approval for projects that deliver return on investment, and keep you ahead of your competition. 

Here are some classic ROI’s scenarios for sales and service teams and call centre organizations that may inspire you!


  • Call flows that will improve your customer satisfaction, develop your sale culture and grow revenue
  • Training and coaching investments that generate multiple paybacks - improved first contact resolution for customers, greater agent efficiency and increased sales revenue
  • Design streamlined processes that are customer friendly and reduce costs.  Consider an Outsourcing partner
  • Reduce low value calls and maximize the impact of high value calls
  • Workforce management: optimize AHT, increase occupancy, increase schedule adherence/compliance
  • Streamline your overhead with smart organization design
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Reduce attrition

Our customer service approach

Step 1:  When you meet us for a free consultation, we will facilitate a thoughtful assessment of your needs.  Together we will pinpoint your key business opportunities.

Step 2: We will support you in developing a business case for return on your investment.

Step 3:
We will stay with you to ensure successful implementation and sustainment.